Queensland Police-Citizens Youth Welfare Association

Brief history of organisation:

The Queensland Police-Citizens Youth Welfare Association (QPCYWA), more commonly known as PCYC Queensland, is a not-for-profit, community organisation primarily concerned with “Enhancing Queensland Communities through Youth Development.” Since its foundation in 1948, the Association has strategically established 54 PCYCs throughout Queensland, in widespread and far reaching communities.

What age groups do you have in your organisation?

PCYC main focus is young people aged 12 -25 years, however PCYC branches are commonly considered as community hubs so working with young people and their families offering programs, activities and links to key services in a primary objective
(Age groups range from 0 to 90+ with the dominant group in the 6 to 18 age range)

Do you have a sponsoring authority? If so, who?

No although strong links to Queensland Police Service there is no formal recognition of sponsoring or partnership agreement.
Queensland Police Service offers a huge investment to PCYC with allocation of approximately 70 police officers.

How many groups/formations do you have in Queensland and Australia (if relevant)?

There are 54 PCYC in communities in Queensland, 6 Community Centres, 2 Leadership Development Centres, 130 School Age Care Services, 3 Activity Centres and 23 locations with PCYC managed Sport and Recreation Officers and an evolving number of PCYC Emergency Service Cadets sites with 3 rolling out each month.

WA, NSW, Tas, ACT, NT and Vic have PCYCs but each State/Territory has a different management/operational model.
50000 memebers under the age of 25 years
30 Youth Management Teams (450 YP)
25 Duke of Edinburgh (400)

How many members do you have in Queensland and Australia (if relevant)?

90,000+ in Queensland more than 200,000 in Australia

What are the aims and principles of your organisation?


Police Citizens Youth Clubs – Enhancing communities through Youth Development


That the Police Citizens Youth Club, in partnership with the Government, Business and Community, be recognised for excellence in youth development through the provision of sporting, recreational, cultural and welfare programs.


Things that the Queensland Police Citizens Youth Welfare Association values as an organisation are:-

  • Youth Development,
  • Quality and Integrity,
  • Partnerships,
  • Commitment to Development,
  • Equality and Fairness, and
  • Commitment to Founding Principles

The objectives of the Queensland Police Citizens Youth Welfare Association are best demonstrated by the first nine objects that were developed in 1948 as part of the establishment of the association by the Premier and the then Police Commissioner. These are listed below and although some wording may be dated the intent of the objects is still as relevant today as when they were written.

  • To afford the young people of Queensland the opportunity to participate in clean and healthy recreation.
  • To improve the standard of physical fitness
  • To encourage and foster music, literature, art and culture
  • To encourage an interest in Australian flora and fauna
  • To encourage the principles of good citizenship
  • To awaken citizens to their responsibilities towards adolescents
  • To assist boys and girls to select their future vocations
  • To do anything conducive to the welfare of youth and citizens generally
  • To promote the physical, mental and social welfare of youth, who, by physical or other handicaps or because of the indigent circumstances of their parents, may be regarded as disadvantaged.

What activities/programs do you provide?

  • 100 + sport and recreation activities, 60+ crime prevention programs and 130 School age care services.
  • Range of Sport & Recreation Activities
  • State-wide Leadership Programs
  • State-wide Adventure & Experiential Learning Programs
  • Emergency Service Cadets Program
  • Specialist Crime Prevention Programs
  • Gym and Fitness Facilities
  • School Aged Care Services/Vacation Care

Contact Details

  • Organisation Address:
    State Office – 30 Graystone Street
    TINGALPA QLD 41732.
  • Name:
    Rob Fiedler
  • E-Mail:
  • Phone:
    07 3909 9514