Child Protection Charter

What is the QYA Child Protection Charter?

The QYA Child Protection Charter is a code, which member organisations of Queensland Youth Alliance will abide by. The Child Protection Charter formalises how QYA member organisations fulfil their duty of care to young people in their charge.

The Child Protection Charter reinforces QYA’s and member organisations’ commitment to:

  • ensuring children can participate in a safe and enjoyable environment
  • ‘zero tolerance’ to any forms/types of abuse – whether physical, psychological, or sexual.

The Child Protection Charter sends a loud, clear message to parents and the community at large that QYA member organisations will not compromise on children’s welfare.

The Child Protection Charter acknowledges obligations for QYA member organisations to comply with the law (The Commission for Children and Young People Act and the ‘Suitability Checks’) and community moral expectations.

Why a “Protection Charter”

QYA wanted to formalise a set of ‘best practice’ duty of care responsibilities to ensure children can participate safely in our organisations’ activities. QYA also wanted to send a clear message to parents and the community that our organisations are totally committed to providing safe, enjoyable environments for all participants. The PC complements and enhances the positive benefits for children gained through participation in QYA member organisations’ activities and programs. QYA is keen to support and complement the State Government’s priorities aimed at developing “Safer Communities”.