About the QYA

Aims of the Queensland Youth Alliance

The Queensland Youth Alliance (QYA) was established in 1996. The aims of the Queensland Youth Alliance are:

  1.  To foster better understanding and cooperation amongst members of the Alliance, and between the Alliance and the Government so as to enhance the delivery of the Alliance’s services to the young people of the community;
  2. To pursue issues/activities of mutual interest for youth; provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and an opportunity for networking; and
  3. To gain and foster recognition of the important role that members of the Alliance play in supporting youth and the community.


This Alliance serves to unite the kindred spirit of Queensland’s major youth organisations and their shared ideals to the promotion and delivery of opportunities and experiences for the positive development of youth.
In essence, these organisations agree to share their special talents and resources in the conviction that a united body will advance the cause of positive youth development to higher levels.

Also, this Alliance is seen as a partnership whereby appropriate information can be freely exchanged, and joint ventures and other matters of mutual interest and benefit can be pursued collectively.

The Alliance is committed to contributing constructively to the development of worthwhile government policies and positive community values particularly where youth related.

QYA Child Protection Charter

In August 2002 Queensland Youth Alliance officially launched a Child Protection Charter, which was signed off by the Alliance and each of its member Organisations as a public demonstration of Queensland Youth Alliance’s commitment to Duty of Care of young people and code of conduct for it’s volunteer leaders.

Member Organisations

There are currently 14 member organisation of the Queensland Youth Alliance.